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Richard "Gus" B. Gustavson, MPH, RN, CHRNC, CWCN, CHT, CRT

Richard, widely knows by the nickname, "Gus", has over fourty-eight years experience in clinical, supervisory, teaching, staff and middle management positions in acute care hospitals.

This experience includes forty years as a Respiratory Therapist, twenty years as EMT-I, twenty-three years as a Naval Reserve Hospital Corpsman, twenty-three years in Hyperbaric Medicine, eighteen years’ experience in wound and burn care, and nineteen years as a Registered Nurse.

Experience in hyperbaric medicine has included Technical Director, Program Director, Nurse Manager and Critical Care Educator specific to hyperbaric medicine.

Member and Special Expert for the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 99 Technical Committee, Hyperbaric and Hypobaric Facilities –March 20, 2023 to Present

Currently, Gus teaches hyperbaric medicine across the U.S. and beyond, serves as the Principle for R.B. Gustavson Consultants, LLC, and is studying with Walden University Online, looking forward to earning his Doctor of Public Health.