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The Business Of Wound Care And Hyperbaric Medicine

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What is the Business of Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine?

This 2-day livestream workshop is for clinic managers, administrators, billers/coders, and medical directors who want to learn how to:

  • Manage revenue cycle to meet (and exceed) budget goals

  • Discover patient revenue left on the table due to incorrect medical coding

  • How to meet and exceed your budget goals in 2020

  • Increase patient load

  • Become a profit center for the hospital (and keep your clinic doors open!)

  • And ultimately lower your own stress levels

This two-day workshop is specifically designed to support clinic administrators, medical directors, and hospital executives in marketing and administrating a hyperbaric and wound care center in a manner that supports positive patient outcomes and long-term successful business operations.

Our agenda covers nuts & bolts to ensure effectiveness in providing patient care and receiving accurate reimbursement within the operations of managing a wound care department.

Included are specific clinical documentation of wound care related diagnoses with real-time cases, and the process and application of selecting the most accurate ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

There is an in-depth discussion on medical procedures with specificity on clinical documentation supporting HBO and other procedures. The importance of following regulations at all levels or risk external audit with possibly legal and costly ramifications under False Claims Act is discussed.

Additionally, there is a detailed presentation on specific clinical documentation for wound care/HBO diagnoses to support the medical necessity of procedures to be billed.

Also covered is how Physician clinical documentation needs to support medical decision-making opportunities for improvement of accuracy of visit levels when appropriate.

Are you a clinic manager or medical director who wants to increase patient load and referrals but has no money for marketing?

Could you be losing money due to incorrect billing and coding?

Do you want to become a profit center for the hospital but you can't seem to move forward as quickly as you want?

Uncover the weaknesses, gaps, and inefficiencies that are holding your clinic back from success during this two-day CME/CEU program.

Principle Faculty

Michael White, MD, UHM, MMM, CWS

Gretchen Dixon, MBA, RN, CCS


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