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Wound Care Bootcamp




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This online course package contains three discount Wound Care education courses that we have select to enhance your learning experience.

Module 1: Wound Geography and Tissue Types

Video Lesson 1: Wound Geography and Tissue Types
This presentation is meant to provide you with a review of tissue types relevant for accurate wound diagnosis and intervention. You will be shown pictures and asked to identify the correct answer as information is shared. Supplemental information will be provided to enhance your learning experience.

Video Lesson 2: Integumentary Dysfunction
The goal is to determine the typical anatomical locations of various wound etiologies to support differential diagnosis. Additionally, you should be able to describe clinical signs and symptoms unique to certain wounds and skin conditions. You will be provided a “clue” to direct your thinking and then information will be presented to add depth to your learning experience.

Module 2: Wound Care Assessment and Classification

Video Lesson: The goals of the module are to review anatomy and wound healing physiology, including: Impediments to wound healing (ie, medications); Wound etiology, assessment, and classification; Grading of wounds including diabetic, venous, arterial ulcerations and pressure; Identification of infection versus inflammation; Diagnosis and management algorithms.

Module 3: Introduction to Major Dressings Classifications

Video Lesson: The major goals of this module are to describe the major categories of dressings, when to use them based on the wound presentation and the specific use of advanced dressing modalities used for certain types of wounds. Identification of the right/appropriate dressing for the right wound can lead to faster healing, improve the patient’s pain associated with the wound and decrease the incidence of infection.

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