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The Physics and Physiology of Diving and Dive Medicine




Think diving physics and physiology is boring...think again! This 80-minute course is understandable, useful and engaging. Taught by Julio Garcia, CHT, RN, BSN and Director ofPhysics-and-Physiology Operations for a multiplace, critical care, 24/7 hyperbaric clinic located in Mobile, AL. Julio is an expert in diving and hyperbaric medicine, his clinic treats a significant number of injured divers on the Gulf Coast each year.

This course is meant for all divers, including recreational divers, dive leaders, scientific, public safety, and commercial divers. The course explores the basic physical laws, how they effect divers, and how and why hyperbaric medicine is useful in treating injured divers.

Overview of the Course:

  • Physics is the field of science dealing with matter and energy and their interactions.
  • The scientific basis of hyperbaric medicine rests upon a foundation of physical and biochemical principles.
  • This course explores the basic physical laws which explain the effects of diving on a human body, and also explain why hyperbaric medicine works to treat injured divers.
  • Explain the units of measurements and unique terminology
  • Describe how gas laws interact with each other during hyperbaric exposure
  • Illustrate aspects of pressure on the human body
  • Review the primary gas laws
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