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Monica R Skarban, MSOLQ, BSN, RN, CHRNC

Monica began her nursing career in 1980 and has diverse nursing experiences to include both military and civilian clinical areas that include teaching and providing, supervisory and management positions, in acute care hospitals and hospital-based clinics.

Her love for Hyperbaric Medicine came in 1991 during her military career where she met and shared experiences with most of the "grandfathers of Hyperbaric Medicine". She has presented multiple times in the National Hyperbaric and Wound Care meetings, supporting the emphasis of appropriate use of hyperbaric medicine.  

Her extensive military and civilian HBO training provided the background for her to lead several programs throughout her career, most recently a 9 hospital system with both Monoplace and Multiplace programs which provided 24/7 operations with critical care cases.

As a Diane Norkool Award winner, Monica has been recognized for her outstanding leadership, knowledge, and research in Hyperbaric Nursing and is actively involved with the Baromedical Nurse‚Äôs Association as the Bylaw Chair.  She currently teaches hyperbaric medicine courses across the U.S.  She is a member of the UHMS Accreditation Survey Team and completes several surveys every year.  

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