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Noel A. Jett, DHA, MPH, CWS, CHT-A

Noel currently serves as the COO for a multi-state hospital contract wound care and hyperbaric management firm since 2004. He previously served in a management role for private physician practices as well as hospital wound and hyperbaric medicine centers since 1997.

He has 20 years experience (1977-1997) in the Public Sector of emergency medicine as an administrator, paramedic, and firefighter for a metropolitan fire department, prior to retiring from that role. Noel has experience in multi-place and mono-place hyperbaric & wound care facilities since the late 1980’s. Prior to entry into the public sector, he worked in the industrial electronics field.

Noel holds a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration, from CMU; a Masters Degree in Public Health from UAB; a BS from Athens University in Public Administration; an AAS in Fire Science from JSCC, Physics & Computer Science at Purdue University; and an Electronic Engineering Technology certificate from the American School of Technology, Chicago, Ill.

Currently a Fellow of the AAWM and Diplomate of the ABWM

Noel is an active technical facility surveyor for the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society which has complementary Joint Commission Accreditation and ISO 9001 certifications.

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